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Internal And External

Australian Military

A country must be wary of both internal and external threats, which could either be on land or the sea.



Air Force

Dangers on the ocean are handled by a separate arm of the Armed forces, often known as the naval force or Navy. The Australian Army is different from the Australian Navy because it deals with operations on land. The Australian Air Force protects the country from air space attacks.

ACMC stands for Australian Civil-Military Centre.


ACMC stands for Australian Civil-Military Centre. It is a governmental unit established to ensure civil-military-police collaboration and manage crisis arising from such unification. ACMC was established in 2008 for the primary purpose of tackling issues on international conflict management. Their operation scope involves research and analysis of such research, organising training, and promoting interagency relationships while sorting out operation results.

Australia's Urgent Needs

Army Relief Trust Fund

In 1947, the Australian government formed the Army relief trust fund to cater to Australia’s urgent needs (serving or retired) or that of their dependents. It was initially called AMF relief trust fund (Australian Military Forces Relief Trust Fund). Originally, the money put in the trust fund was sourced from canteens’ profit during World War II. Nowadays, money is sourced from interests charged on loans and investments.

Our Partners

AMW Choir

Whether it is the Air Force, or the Navy, or the Army, military officers’ wives share a connection. They need to deepen this connection is one of the reasons AMW Choir is in existence today. AMW is a short form for Australian military wives, and a group of them came together to form a choir. It was established in 2012 after an email suggesting its formation receive positive feedbacks and has successfully been managed for eight years by volunteers elected every October at the annual general meeting.

Specific Military Training

Gap Year

The ADR Gap Year offers you an exciting work adventure for a year. It is similar to a paid internship program but has to do with working in the Army, Air Force, or Navy and usually involves many travels. Apart from being a means to create new and valuable connections, it helps you build or sharpen your management and leadership skills. The program aims to make young Australians undergo specific military training before choosing a career path.

Finances Effectively

Australian Military Bank

This bank is the first and foremost monetary institution that is related to defence. The bank has been in existence since 1959 and majorly caters to the financial needs of Australian Military serving men. Hence, the bank is familiar with all military operations. The bank aims to help serving officers manage their finances effectively through a sound service system, various credit facilities, products, lower charges, and great interest rates.


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