ADF to Get Long Rate Maritime Missiles

Incoming Long Rate Maritime Missiles

The Australian government focuses a great deal on its citizens’ security and, therefore, continues to make considerable investments in the defence sector. Recently, the government has pledged to invest $1 billion towards developing modern technological defence products.

This project is focused on procuring long-rate maritime missiles for the Australian Navy force. The government opines that its commitment will streamline all Navy platforms to carry out their primary assignments (see control).

In essence, the project is to procure the best-rated, long-range anti-ship missile and surface-to-air missiles that have extended range for the Navy. It also includes getting modern lightweight Torpedoes and maritime land strike capabilities that exceed the usual distance by 370 km and another by 1500 km.

According to Linda Reynolds, the defence minister, the government would not stop its efforts to create various options for protecting its citizens. Investments would be on emerging surface and submarine fleets. According to her, “These new capabilities will provide a strong, credible deterrent that will ensure stability and security in the region.”

She went further to explain that “The planned acquisitions – when aligned with the ongoing state of the art combat system development and National shipbuilding programs – represent an investment of up to $24 billion, which will build a lethal and highly responsive Navy for decades to come.”

Furthermore, the project will help Australia widen its weapon production base. The project is grouped under Sea 1300, but it does not deter the development process currently ongoing for Evolved Sea Sparrow Block 2 missile program and proposed investment in Standard Missile 2 Block III C project and Missile 6 Block 1 project.

More so, the government has devised another new strategy that focuses on protecting our nation and allies in their immediate environment. Australia is not the only country in this category. Countries such as North Korea and China have equally been accelerating their capabilities by investing in long-range missiles with a speed of about 5500 kilometres.

Also, there is an ongoing tension between Australia and China which started with specific influence campaigns claimed to be Chinese by the Australian government and further heightened by the accusation that China intentionally spread the coronavirus diseases. These issues may degenerate into the war soon, and hence, the Australian government’s constant agitation to invest in new defence technologies will become fully justified.

The Ministry of defence announced that trials would soon begin on hypersonic missiles that increase their sound speed by at least five times. These missiles are conceived under a partnership agreement with the United States. Through its secretary of defence, the United States government reveals that the partnership with Australia is a 15-year project titled “SCIFiRE (Southern Cross Integrated Flight Research Experiment).” The project has been described as a necessary tool for cultivating hypersonic development programs.

However, strategists have cautioned the Australian government to take heed and prioritise time without compromising quality. The reason adduced for this opinion is that Governments do not have an extended period to build a defence against external threats.

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