AMW Choir

The AMW Choir

Whether it is the Air Force, or the Navy, or the Army, military officers’ wives share a connection. They need to deepen this connection is one of the reasons AMW Choir is in existence today. AMW is a short form for Australian military wives, and a group of them came together to form a choir.

It was established in 2012 after an email suggesting its formation receive positive feedbacks and has successfully been managed for eight years by volunteers elected every October at the annual general meeting.

At AMW choir, we love to sing and praise God through it. Although our Music director is often in charge of song selection, our songs often reflect our military force connection. Nonetheless, we sing songs ranging from contemporary to pop to old school to brilliant choral pieces, as well as rejoicing songs.

AMW choir also has some songs to its credit, for instance, “Military wife” by Cath P and “Build a circle,” music by Cath P and Sylvia W, for our first choir event. Later, a serving ADF member named Jay wrote a lullaby (titled Do the stars shine on me), subsequently released as part of the 2020 virtual choir event.

AMW choir has over one hundred and fifty members across twelve cities who meet fortnightly for rehearsals. At rehearsals, we learn to improve our choral skills while also building our social relationships.

Sometimes, we perform in our local community to express our joy and create interest in people to join us. Likewise, we are identifiable in our uniform – a black shirt or cardigan imprinted with our logo and a pink scarf. For outdoor activities, we add a crafty hat to shield us from the sun.

AMW Choir in Australia

We are located in regions across the country. The process of registering a regional unit is not at all problematic. The most important is a display of interest, after which a leader and coordinator would be required to begin a regional division. The form provided below must be appropriately filled and submitted to get available resources from the National development committee.

Who Can Join the AMW Choir?

First, the AMW is strictly a women’s affair. Secondly, it is for women that are in a relationship with members of the Australian defence force. Such women may be the wife, partner, girlfriend, sister, aunt, or mother.

What Does Our Symbol Mean?

The Gallipoli rose represents the choir, and the seeds from it stand for that which was collected from Turkey during World War I by young officers for their mothers to plant in Australia.

The Gallipoli is known for its rugged nature, which parallels the strength of the choir. The colour of the flower is similar to the group’s uniform.

Our Core Values

Our activities are guided by four essential principles, which are inclusion, service, excellence, and flexibility.


This value is exhibited in our interaction with one another. The choir is focused on issues concerning women rather than men.


The choir is a means to engage in volunteering service.


 Our activities allow for other engagements.


In everything we do, we strive to excel. Also, we believe that unity drives excellence.