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Australian Military Bank

The Australian Military Bank

This bank is the first and foremost monetary institution that is related to defence. The bank has been in existence since 1959 and majorly caters to the financial needs of Australian Military serving men. Hence, the bank is familiar with all military operations.

The bank aims to help serving officers manage their finances effectively through a sound service system, various credit facilities, products, lower charges, and great interest rates. For instance, we have been awarded for providing the best type of personal and green loan, valuable saving system, and producing a visa card with the lowest rates.

Australian Military Bank is member-owned and run by its shareholders. With over 50 years of experience and laudable achievements, we are undoubtedly the best to handle your financial needs and frustrations. We believe in easy and convenient banking and also provide a wide range of opportunities such as employment.

Furthermore, we have various branches in all defence regions across Australia; hence we are actively involved in activities that would benefit our local community. For instance, in 2018, we offer sponsorships and donate worth about $250 000 to assist local defence communities. We also supported various initiatives such as soldier recovery centre, ADFAR (Australian Defence Force Australian Rules), and Invictus games. We also engage in sporting partnerships, as in the case of ADFAR and RANRU (Royal Australian Navy Rugby Union)

Australian Military is a recognised institution under the law as an ADI (Authorised deposit-taking institution). Our activities are controlled by two bodies- APRA (Australian Prudential Regulation Authority) and ASIC (Australia Securities and Investments Commission).

Also, there is a life membership position for anyone who wishes to be part of us.  Our membership benefits include

  • Outstanding banking products.
  • Interest rates on loans are low.
  • Access to more than twenty of our offices in the country
  • Desirable interest rates on your savings accounts
  • Easy to use mobile banking features
  • Internet banking service
  • Rewards from our relationship rewards programs

Our membership process is not at all tedious. It only involves completing any membership application (for a product or standalone) before becoming a shareholder.

Our Products

We provide various products with a cheap plan and low maintenance cost. Some of them are

DHOAS Home Loans

This product offers you an opportunity to become the owner of a home. There are different types of DHOAS loans from which you can choose and choose a suitable repayment plan.

Credit Cards

One of our best-rated credit cards is our Visa card. It offers a low rate and zero deduction on transfer from credit or store cards.

Savings Accounts

It is one of the most accessible and best-rated products we offer. Our savings accounts are built with specific and dynamic features; for instance, we have savings account suitable for defence and daily needs, among others. Likewise, teens’ and kids’ reports are available.

Personal Loans

Like other loan applications, your convenience is our priority. You can choose different rates with the option of repaying through automatic deduction from your salary account or repaying at a convenient time. There is no penalty charged on late repayments or early repayment.