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The Gap Year

The ADR Gap Year offers you an exciting work adventure for a year. It is similar to a paid internship program but has to do with working in the Army, Air Force, or Navy and usually involves many travels. Apart from being a means to create new and valuable connections, it helps you build or sharpen your management and leadership skills.

However, the opportunity is only open to young Australians who have finished twelfth grade in the last two years or persons with equivalent qualifications. The program aims to make young Australians undergo specific military training before choosing a career path.

The Gap Year appears quite competitive because of the value and experiences it offers. Your total earnings after a year usually measure up to $40,000.

Furthermore, the Gap Year process is not automatic. It involves specific procedures and requirements. Hence, you should read through some of our frequently asked questions below.


Is Gap Year Placement Automatic?

There are always several applications received for Gap Year. Hence, a selection process is in place to review applications and choose a required number from the best applications.

The application contains questions that would inform our decision on your eligibility for open gap year positions (majorly general entry). The application is entirely online.

Once your application is approved, you will receive a notification of a scheduled interview and other recruitment process details. If you are rejected, you may change your role in your second application.

Successful candidates will, after that, go through the usual defence screening and receive a letter of their placements. At this stage, you must communicate your acceptance of the offer for proper enlistment.

How Many Times Do Applications for Gap Year Open in a Year?

Applications for Gap Year happen only take place once a year.

Are There Other Alternatives to Gap Year?

None other than those that require fulfilment of certain conditions. For instance, jobs such as artilleryman, operator movement, or supply coordinator require an initial minimum service period of two years.

What Do I Benefit from Gap Year?

Apart from going through an exciting work experience for which you are paid, you are exposed and more informed about your career choices. Also, you are allowed to create connections with valuable contacts.

What Do I learn?

Depending on your role and the branch in which you are serving, you learn about the military operations and various tools and equipment.

What If I Don’t Enjoy Gap Year?

It depends on the defence unit you are serving under. For instance, if it’s the Navy, you can resign at any period. On the other hand, you can only leave the Army during the first eighty days of initial recruit training.

When Does It Start?

It varies on the defence unit you are serving. It usually commences in January to November for Navy jobs, while the Army’s period starts from December to March.

What Happens at the End of Gap Year?

At the end of a gap year program, you may proceed to apply for ongoing service. Such application will be judged based on available opportunities and positions and the requirements for such a job. On the other hand, you may stop the process after completing the gap year and move on with life.