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Royal Australian Air Force

The Australian Airforce

The Australian Air Force protects the country from air space attacks. It performs operations of the defunct Australian flying corps which are not limited to surveillance, air mobility, air superiority, and precision strikes. The Australian Air Force came into force on the 31st of March, 1921, intending to supplement the Navy and the Army’s protection.

The Australian Air Force fulfils its obligation of protecting the country through technical and non-technical means by discharging the following duties.

  • Providing urgent solutions to matters within their spectrum of knowledge and expertise
  • Exploit the air’s power related to specific characteristics such as consistent and precision effect, flexibility, versatility, and responsiveness.
  • Management and Control of Airspace military operations
  • Offering good and professional training or leadership

Furthermore, we are guided by specific values that aid effective dispensation of our roles and duties, and they are

Act of Service

The Military is essentially available to persons who can commit selflessly to the cause of protecting the country. Such acts of service include employing your expertise to solve problems, pledging unwavering loyalty, and putting the interests of Australia before yours.

Strength and Courage

The ability to serve against all odds relentlessly requires bravery and strength to withstand temptations.


The Military operates a silent code of trust and respect. Hence, we value ourselves and demand that everyone is treated with respect.

Honesty and Discipline

These virtues are crucial in any military unit because they make your reputation.  Discipline entails doing the right thing at the right time and being consistent.


It is the quality of being determined to achieve a thing. The Australian Army continually seeks to improve its mode of operations for efficiency’s sake.


The highest-ranked official in the Australian Air Force is the Air Chief Marshall.

The Air Force is structured in groups that come under the Air command’s control, which itself is managed by the Air Force Headquarters. Air Command contains groups such as the combat and combat support unit, Air Force training, Air mobility and, warfare centre.

Distinctive Features

It refers to features that distinguish the Air Force from other military units. The Air Force is indicated by a badge, roundel, logo, distinct uniform, and an ensign. The badge was designed by John Heaton-Armstrong in 1939, while the roundel was merely a display of an active red kangaroo. Their logo is the roundel’s picture in the ‘O’ in Air Force written in blue colour.

On the other hand, the ensign used today was approved by Queen Elizabeth II of England.

Mode of Operations

The Air Force operations cut across boundaries because it has to do with Air space matters. So far, the operations carried out have cut across Asia, Middle East, South East Asia, and South Sudan.

The Air Force carries out operations by exploring areas of operations and strategising plans to carry out a successful assignment, as in OPERATION RESOLUTE. Technology has also played a vital role in carrying out successful operations across various fields of Air space operations.

The Australian Air Force also offers humanitarian services to civil societies during crises and provides help in your pursuit of an Air Force career.