The Veteran-Led Charity Offers A Free Mental Health App

A Free Mental Health App

A veteran-led charity organisation just concluded a mental health app to help you keep track of your mental health. During the app launch, the app developers emphasised the importance of being enlightened about mental health.  Hence, the meaning and signs of ill mental health are discussed.

The general well-being of a person depends on physical health as the state of mind. Your mental health is as important as your physical health. It involves your psychological, emotional, and social condition and often influences our thoughts, opinions, and views of life. An unfavourable change in your state of mental health will cause a difference in your behaviour.

People experience a different level of mental stress or health fluctuations because it is caused by various factors such as genetics, traumatic events, or family history. Mental health problems can often only be managed, although conditions have wholly healed due to early detection. The following have been identified as early signs of mental health deterioration.


Eating disorder is one of the warning signs of mental health illness. For instance, a depressed person would most likely eat more than usual because he tries to forget it.

Oversleeping or Disturbed Sleep

You may need to check your health state if you sleep too much or hardly get asleep.


It is a feeling of restlessness. A sudden feeling of weakness may be a sign of mental stress.

Drug Addiction

Mental health experts reported that half of the population with mental illness either smokes or drink.


Hallucination refers to a belief about a thing that seems true, but it is not.


It merely means post-traumatic stress disorder. It occurs to people who have just survived a terrible incident.

Experiencing Numbness

Having no feelings at all may also be a sign of a weak mental state. It happens to persons who have gone through challenging situations and feels nothing but numbness to pain.

Inability to Do Basic Tasks

The primary tasks may include cleaning, ironing, preparing for work, etc.

Feeling Sad Mostly

Experiencing frequent episodes of sadness may be a sign of impending depression.

Aches and pains

Aches and pains are also among the signs of ill mental health.

Mood Swings

Mood swings are symptoms of certain mental conditions, e.g., bipolar disorder.

This mental health app is known by the name Swiss 8, and over three thousand veteran defencemen have been using it. Currently, the developers of the app wish to extend grace to all Australians.

The app’s founder is Adrian Sutter, who said the app’s creation is out of the necessity to protect individuals’ mental health and prevent a decline in health triggered by isolation, loss of identity or purpose, and loosed lifestyle, etc.

The app was first launched in 2019 as a charitable project to prevent increasing suicide cases. Before this time, most suicide cases were attributed to anxiety and depression and have known no significant decline given the discovery of covid-19.

The app developers got support from an Australian mining company, BHP, through the VRF (Vital resources fund).

The app is now available for download across all platforms.

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